When More Prayers Look Like More Problems

When more prayers look like more problems... here is what to do, as you trust God more.

I peered out my window, eyes tired, heart heavy, as I searched scripture after scripture… on the word, “prayers.”

Filled with the news of killings and wailings in my country, I needed bible verses to send to God in prayers.

But I wondered… “we’ve been praying”. Like, day and night. Crying out to God in desperation.

Then it seems the immediate result is death. Death of our beloved citizens.

Have you faced situations that appeared to slide from bad to worse, as your prayer intensified?

I have. And I know you have too.

So as these thoughts gripped my burdened heart, the Spirit reminded me of something.

Something that I once again, just finished studying with a group of young women.

You remember the book of Esther, right?

After the decree to exterminate the Jews, they all swung into fasting and prayers. Three days.

The prayers and crying out to God had ended, and they expected a joyful result to follow immediately.

But what was the next news?

Haman built gallows to hang Mordecai.

Did it make sense to the Jews? I doubt. Like… “What’s happening here, God? Why are things getting darker?”

This is what their eyes didn’t see then. (You know, we humans only see, with our physical eyes, what happens on this side of the universe. But there’s the other side of the coin. Something else playing out on the other side of the universe.)

Another script being written in heaven. Explaining this in a layman’s word might be senseless. But one word will help us:


Professor Dale Ralph Davis refers to God’s providence as that frequently mysterious, always interesting way in which Yahweh provides for His servants in their various needs.

God is on the throne. Watching. Listening. Acting.

Even when you can’t see it, know that He always acts on behalf of His people and His glory.

Even when the devil feels he’s winning and ruling the day, that God will still call forth light out of the darkness and void in present times.

I love the way Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth penned it: God often picks the time that looks the darkest and the most hopeless to show His power and glory. Why? Perhaps, so no man can take the credit. His grace always shines against the darkest backdrop.

So what’s next…?

Like Esther, Mordecai and the Jews did—keep praying, trusting God and asking Him for wisdom to act.

And finally, that we decree a new order, and our enemies brought under our feet.

God rules!

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  1. Lord please have mercy on your people, establish Nigeria in righteousness and let terror and tyranny be far away from her.

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