The Unseen Light Guiding Your Journey

Light. Genesis 1: 3

Imagine stretching forth your hands to reach your greatest desires for the new year. But your hands keep touching nothing, or the wrong things.



As we embark on this journey called “a new year”, there’s an unseen force, a guiding light that we often overlook in the hustle of life. Brace yourselves because we’re about to dive into the heart of it all – the radiant essence that sets the tone for a year full of purpose and growth.

Genesis Unveiled: Let There Be Light

Picture this: On January 1st, I found myself immersed in Genesis 1, navigating the ancient pages of wisdom. Familiar words echoed, “and God said let there be light.” Now, this isn’t your typical Sunday school tale. It’s a profound revelation that struck me like never before. The inception of Earth wasn’t marked by grandeur; it was marked by light. God, in His infinite wisdom, chose light as the precursor to everything else.

More Than a Creation Story: A Blueprint for Life

Sure, creating oceans, creatures, and humanity was crucial, but God, in His divine order, initiated the cosmic dance with light. Everything God does holds a lesson, a blueprint for us to follow. So, what’s the takeaway? As we step into 2024, before we chart our paths, before we summon dreams and desires, we need to grasp the essence of light.

Three Pillars of Radiant Wisdom: Guidance, Illumination, Discernment

Let’s break it down:

1. For Guidance: Think of the pillar of cloud and fire as a real-life GPS system for the Israelites. They were on a journey from Egypt to the promised land, and God provided this supernatural guiding light. During the day, the pillar of cloud shaded them from the scorching sun, and at night, it turned into a pillar of fire, offering warmth and illumination.

This visible manifestation of God’s presence directed them, showing the way forward and keeping them on the right path. So, when we talk about needing light for guidance, it’s about seeking clarity and direction in our own journeys, trusting that God’s light will lead us through the twists and turns of life.

2. For Illumination: Imagine a dark room. If you want to see what’s in it, you need to turn on a light. Similarly, when God spoke light into existence at the beginning of creation, it wasn’t just to brighten things up. It was the catalyst for everything else that followed.

Light dispels darkness, allowing us to see clearly. In life, darkness can symbolize challenges, confusion, or negativity that might hinder positive things from happening. By embracing the light, we can banish these obstacles and create space for good things to unfold. So, seeking illumination is about letting God’s light reveal the beauty and possibilities that may be hidden in the shadows of our lives.

3. For Discernment: Isaac, despite having physical eyesight, lacked the right discernment or understanding. When he couldn’t see things clearly, he fell prey to deception by Jacob. This illustrates the importance of having the right kind of light to perceive the truth. In our lives, having discernment means seeing beyond the surface, understanding situations, and making wise choices.

It’s about having the clarity to distinguish between what is genuine and what may be deceptive. So, when we talk about needing light for discernment, it’s about seeking insight and understanding to navigate the complexities of life and relationships.

Declare Daily: “Dear Father, Let There Be Light”

Here’s the 2024 mantra: Every day, for everything, declare, “Dear Father, please let there be light.” It’s not just a prayer; it’s a conscious choice to invite the divine radiance into every aspect of our lives.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts where I’ll delve deeper into how to embrace and maintain this True Light throughout 2024 and beyond. And please, don’t keep this revelation to yourself – share this post with your friends and let’s spread the Radiant Light together.

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