Surrendered Women: Trusting God’s Guidance and Provision

Ruth Day 18

Hey there, lovely ladies! Today, we embark on a profound journey into the book of Ruth, delving into the concept of surrender and the beautiful lessons it holds for us as young women. We’ll explore Ruth’s remarkable act of obedience and surrender in Ruth 3:6-7, uncovering its significance and relevance in our lives today. So, get ready to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged as we learn how surrendering to God’s plan leads to His abundant blessings.

6 And she went down unto the floor, and did according to all that her mother in law bade her.

7 And when Boaz had eaten and drunk, and his heart was merry, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of corn: and she came softly, and uncovered his feet, and laid her down.

Ruth 3: 6-7

Following Instructions with Faith and Obedience

Ruth’s willingness to follow Naomi’s instructions reflects her deep faith and obedience.

Even from the instructions she gave her in one of our verses of yesterday’s discussion “Wash thyself therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee...” (Ruth 3: 3) – she obeyed. And today, we see another height of obedience as she uncovered Boaz’s feet and lay down, just like Naomi told her.

In Ruth’s day, uncovering a man’s feet and lying there was a cultural symbol of humility, trust, and submission. By following Naomi’s guidance, Ruth showed a remarkable display of faith and trust in God’s plan. This reminds us of the importance of listening to wise counsel and acting upon it with a surrendered heart.

In a world that often encourages self-reliance and independence, Ruth’s example teaches us the power of humility, submission, and trust. As young women, we can learn to seek godly advice, whether from mentors, parents, or trusted friends. By aligning our actions with the guidance of wise and mature believers, we position ourselves for God’s blessings and guidance in our own lives.

Surrendering at Boaz’s Feet: A Symbol of Trust

Ruth’s act of uncovering Boaz’s feet and lying there was a profound symbol of trust and surrender. It conveyed her recognition of Boaz as her potential redeemer and her willingness to submit to God’s plan for her life. In this act, she humbly positioned herself under Boaz’s protection, leaving the outcome in God’s hands.

Ruth’s boldness and surrender challenge us to consider how we approach relationships. It’s not about pursuing someone for personal gain or manipulating circumstances to our advantage. Instead, it’s about surrendering our desires and plans to God, trusting Him to lead us to the right person at the right time. Surrendering our romantic pursuits to God’s sovereignty allows us to experience His perfect plan for our lives.

Surrendered Women: Relinquishing Control to God

Ruth’s surrender teaches us the importance of relinquishing control and allowing God to orchestrate our lives. It’s about recognizing that His ways are higher than ours and His timing is perfect. Ruth’s decision to trust God’s leading rather than relying on her own strength or manipulating circumstances is a powerful lesson for us today.

As young women, we can find ourselves striving to control every aspect of our lives, including relationships. But Ruth’s example reminds us to surrender our desires, dreams, and plans to God’s perfect will. It’s about aligning our hearts with His and trusting that He knows what’s best for us. Surrendering our lives to God allows us to experience the peace, joy, and fulfilment that comes from walking in His perfect plan.

Trusting God’s Faithfulness and Provision

Ruth’s act of surrender ultimately led to God’s faithfulness and provision in her life. God honoured her trust by moving the heart of Boaz and using him as a vessel of blessing. Ruth’s story reminds us of God’s unwavering faithfulness and His ability to provide beyond our expectations.

Trusting in God’s faithfulness means surrendering our anxieties, worries, and doubts to Him. It means believing that He is working behind the scenes, aligning circumstances for our good and His glory. As young women, we can find assurance in knowing that when we surrender our desires and plans to God, He will provide and bless us abundantly, according to His perfect timing.

Practical Action Points for Surrender

Now that we understand the significance of surrender, let’s explore some practical action points for surrendering our lives to God:

  1. Surrender Your Dreams: Lay your dreams and aspirations at God’s feet. Trust that He knows what’s best for you and has a perfect plan in store.
  2. Surrender Your Desires: Submit your desires to God’s will. Seek His guidance and align your desires with His purposes, trusting that He will lead you in the right direction.
  3. Surrender Control: Relinquish the need for control and allow God to orchestrate your life. Embrace His timing and trust that He is working behind the scenes for your good.
  4. Surrender Relationships: Entrust your relationships to God’s hands. Pray for discernment and wisdom in your interactions, allowing Him to guide your steps and lead you to healthy, God-honoring connections.
  5. Surrender Worries and Anxieties: Let go of worries and anxieties by casting them upon the Lord. Surrender your burdens to Him, knowing that He cares for you and will provide for your needs.


Dear sisters, let Ruth’s surrendered life inspire us to trust and surrender to God completely. By following her example, we can experience the peace, joy, and blessings that come from relinquishing control and embracing God’s leading. Remember, surrender is an ongoing process, requiring faith and trust in God’s faithfulness and provision. So, let’s be women who surrender our dreams, desires, relationships, and worries to the One who knows us best and loves us most.

As we continue our journey through the book of Ruth, let’s actively practice surrender in our daily lives. Surrendering to God’s guidance and provision is a beautiful testament of our faith and allows us to walk in His perfect plan. Stay tuned for more insights and practical tips on living a surrendered life. Together, let’s grow as surrendered women, embracing God’s abundant blessings and experiencing His incredible love in every aspect of our lives.

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