Girl, ARISE: You’re Needed in the Land!

Girl, Arise!

Things had gone upside down!

“Village life had ceased!”

The land was in a lamentable situation. The people had broken the hedge, the serpent was fiercely biting.

Children were crying, women weren’t singing and dancing, men were afraid of leaving their houses… Enemies besieged the city.

That was the condition of the land of Israel… “Until that I DEBORAH arose…” (Judges 5: 7).

What a woman!

There was a dire need in her land; she arose and brought solution.

Girl, our society has a resemblance of that of Deborah’s… even worse.

Indeed, village life has ceased! We’re in a deplorable state! Different systems are crumbling – educational, financial, health care, political, religious, etc. Right is labeled wrong, and wrong right. Everyone has turned to their own way, and yet, the people are at ease in Zion.

You see and feel the “heat” all around you, right?

“So, what is the solution?”

You and I.

Girl, we need to arise to the battle, in our different corners and spheres of influence.

Shake off the “I am weak” syndrome, close your ears to the “you’re a girl” talks, and say NO to the “I cannot” fears. In your school, home, neighborhood, place of work… You can make an impact. You ought to make an impact. You are needed to make an impact.

If Deborah did, you can!

So how do I ARISE, you ask?

Let’s learn from our model, DEBORAH! (Judges 4&5).

Awake to the call: Deborah had been – sleeping – busy with other things, as the storm raged in her land. Her eyes saw the need, her ears heard the call, and her feet stepped into action… “And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment” (Judges 4:5). Girl, if you’ve been sleeping on the bed of fear, falsehood, or indifference, it’s time to wake up. Awake, O daughter of Zion (Isaiah 52:1). Awake to righteousness (1 Corinthians 15:34). Awake to the need around you. Awake those potentials and gifts God placed in you. That situation that pinches you, rumbles your stomach, and makes your eyes teary… You have the solution to it. I mean, God has deposited in you, the solution to it. So, wake up! Awake the spirit ‘you’ through prayers and study of God’s word. Awake the physical ‘you’ by studying to equip the mind, and the body as well. Then, step into action… Just follow God’s directives. He’s got your back!

Receive the charge: Deborah received the charge on her life. She was a judge, prophetess, mother, businesswoman and leader. She didn’t soak herself up doing just A at the expense of B. That she was a woman – not a man – didn’t make her shy away or recoil from her divine assignment. As she threw herself out, received and carried out God’s charge upon her life, great victory was achieved through her. Girl, that’s what God demands from you as well. That you receive His charge to stir up the gifts and talents deposited in you, and use them to influence your world positively.

Initiate the change: “And she sent and called Barak…” (Judges 4:6). Like was said of the children of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32), Deborah “had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do”. She stirred up Barak to prepare the army for battle. Girl, be an initiator of the change you desire. Live the change. Speak the change. Write the change. Set yourself on fire, and people will come and watch you burn, and catch fire as well. Don’t wait for someone to move the motion. Get into action, and then send for “Barak”; he and other soldiers will join the fight. It begins with you! But like Deborah, you should first have an understanding of the times, and know what ought to be done… That comes through a relationship with God, and acquisition of knowledge. Read! Study! Learn! And ask God for wisdom.

Sting the challenge: Deborah means “honeybee”. Bees aren’t afraid of stinging their enemies. And still, they produce honey – sweetness. Deborah wasn’t afraid of confronting and fighting the enemy nation. She got into the battle field, and made sure their enemy was stung – to death. In fact, she prophesied the shameful defeat of the enemy king before they even marched out for battle. Girl, we’ve got enemies to sting. Not physical ones; because “we wrestle not against flesh and blood”… But against sin, evil and falsehood – worldliness, immorality, hedonism, feminism, marginalization, fear, abuse, mediocrity, deception, brazen tongues and actions, etc. Those enemies are not just out there, some might be right within you… Friend, you’ve got to sting it. If not, it will kill you – both here and in eternity. Then, as you win the war within, you’re ready for the war without. Like a bee, sting the challenge, and sweeten lives.

Enroll the comrades: Victories aren’t won in isolation. Deborah knew that so well. As she prepared to march out to battle with the army of Israel, she told Barak something… There’s a comrade in her house, who will actually strike and silence the enemy – “For the Lord shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman…” (Judges 4:9). Her name was Jael. She was just in her house. She wasn’t a judge, prophetess, or warrior. But she had the tact and tenacity to smite the enemy. Girl, we all have different roles to play in the battle of life. You might be out there in the battle field, but there’s a comrade in the house, unknown. Speak into her life! Call her to battle! And if you’re the Jael in the house, don’t envy the popular Deborah in the field; you’re needed in the house to smite Sisera. After the victory is won, your name will be heralded; if not here, in eternity. We need each other! I need YOU!

ARISE, girl!  You are needed in the land!

Remain Radiant!

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