A Vow To Cleave

Ruth Bible Study 7

Have you heard intending couples say marital vows? I bet, yes. They voice out words affirming their devotion, loyalty, and love for each other, “till death do us part.” I remembered these marital vows while studying today’s verses. In the last study, we discussed how Orpah couldn’t bear the cost of following Naomi to Bethlehem. …

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Seeking A Place Of Rest

Ruth bible study 5

Naomi and her daughters-in-law had set out on the journey to Bethlehem-Judah. With the little belongings left with them, all packed into bags strapped across their shoulders or on their heads, they walked on. Probably in silence. Different thoughts running through each person’s mind. The young women, likely thinking about the journey ahead. “When will …

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The Full Return

Ruth Bible Study 4

Have you started something and stopped along the line? You made a decision to walk out of a relationship, change from a bad to a new habit, learn a new skill, live a life free from fear… Whatever that decision was. Starting out something could be easy, but pushing through till the finish line is …

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A Way Out In The Time Of Famine

Ruth Bible Study 1

Have you experienced a famine? Your pockets and stores dry. Empty. Or a famine-like situation? You’re not starved of physical food. But your soul is starved. An emptiness. Depression, fear, loneliness, confusion, failure, disappointment, afflictions, sicknesses, shame, pain, hurt, betrayal… All these and more can rip your soul of life… leaving you dry and empty. …

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