Arise, There’s A Light Ahead Of You

Ruth Bible Study 3

Hey there, my radiant friends! Today, I want to share a powerful message that will stir your spirit and challenge you to take a bold step forward. It’s time to arise because there is light ahead of you! Just like Naomi, let’s not allow the devil to deceive us into thinking we’re doomed forever. No matter how hard life has beaten you, you can still rise and return home.

The Power of Hearing

You know, something fascinating influenced Naomi’s decision to arise and return. She had heard in the country of Moab how the Lord had visited His people, providing them with bread. She heard! That got me thinking: what do you give your ears to?

We live in trying times, bombarded with stories of woes and problems. It’s hard to avoid them completely, but do you find yourself constantly sitting in front of the television, filling your ears and heart with all these scary stories? Don’t get me wrong; it’s essential to stay informed about what’s happening around you. However, are you feeding more on those stories than on the truth from God’s Word—the truth that brings life and hope?

God’s Faithfulness and Redemption

Let me tell you, the Word of God is filled with good news! It’s packed with stories of how God showed up and delivered His people. Just like we’re studying in the book of Ruth. These stories can strengthen your mind, ignite your faith, and inspire you to arise, return, and get rooted in God and His promises.

And here’s a thought for you, my friend. If you’ve experienced God’s favor and mercy in your life, have you been sharing it with others? Do you realize that someone out there needs to hear your story to find their way back to God? Naomi heard that the Lord had visited His people, and it spurred her to rise up and return. Your testimony has the power to touch lives and lead others to return to God’s loving embrace.

The Promise of God’s Visitations: You know what’s incredible? God never fails in visiting His people. Even when Naomi and her family walked away from Bethlehem-judah, little did they know that a time of feasting would come. They forgot how God had always come through to supply bread for His people. If only they had held on, they wouldn’t have lost their lives in Moab.

But here’s the good news, my dear sister: those who keep trusting God through the famine will eventually enjoy the feast. We will later read about how the people planted and reaped a bountiful harvest—a harvest so abundant that others could come and gather from it, just like in Boaz’s farm. So hold on, don’t give up on God. He will visit you with bountiful fruits soon and provide you with bread made in heaven.

Ways God Expects You to Arise

Now, you might be wondering, “I know I’m seated in a big mess. Lost in Moab. Empty and worn out. I want to rise like Naomi did, but I don’t know how to break free from this mess.”

Guess what, my friend? God’s Word is filled with different ways He instructs and expects His children to arise. Let me share a few of them with you:

Arise and be Free: The first way is to shake yourself from the dust, to arise and sit down, and to loose yourself from the bands around your neck. You might be bound by chains of hurt, shame, unforgiveness, lies, immorality, poor self-esteem, addictions, wrong relationships, peer pressure, or failure.

Whatever it is, the dust has so painted your skin that you can hardly recognize yourself. But here’s the good news: Jesus wants to save and set you free. You just have to arise and come to Him for pardon and forgiveness.

And when He forgives you, don’t go back to the dust of self-pity and depression. You need to forgive yourself too. Loose the bands of blame and hurt from what’s been done to you and how dirty your past has been, and walk in the freedom that Christ Jesus makes available for you. Remember, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.

Arise and Depart: The second way is to arise and depart. There are places and things you shouldn’t dwell in if you’re on a journey to radiance.

Bad habits, unhealthy associations and friendships, defiling resources like books, videos, audios, and unedifying gatherings can all lead to destruction. You’ve probably heard stories of good, bright ladies who got entangled with the wrong friends, lured into attending what seemed like a harmless party, introduced to guys, and had their drinks drugged.

And tragically, they ended up being victims of assault. So, my dear, arise and depart from those situations, or else sore destruction will follow.

Arise and Build: The third way is to set your heart and soul to seek the Lord your God. Arise, therefore, and build the sanctuary of the Lord God.

Now, this doesn’t only mean physical sanctuaries where we go to worship. God wants us to be instrumental in building lives, building people. He has entrusted something in your hands that will be beneficial to building a sanctuary for Him. Think about the life of Naomi and Ruth.

They built lives, generations, destinies—a divine lineage. Naomi’s life was so impressive, so inspiring to her daughters-in-law, so captivating that when she arose, her daughters-in-law arose with her. May God make our lives so radiant and attractive that they will compel those around us to rise up and become radiant too.

Arise and Shine: Lastly, my friend, arise and shine! You are the light of the world, and that’s why we call ourselves Radiant Girls! Don’t settle for the bottom; aim high and shine brightly. Whether it’s at home, school, your neighborhood, church, your place of work, or your career, shine. Be radiant in everything you do. Be the light the world needs to see—Christ, truth, and righteousness—especially in these dark times.

Action Points

Now, let me ask you some reflective questions. Check the things you listened to today. Were they more of good news or bad news? Do you read more of God’s word to fill your heart with good news? If not, it’s time to make a change.

Look for a Bible reading plan that will help you study the Bible more and set an action plan to follow through. Seek the Lord and ask Him in what ways He wants you to arise. His guidance and grace will empower you to rise up and look ahead towards the bright future He has in store for you.


So, my dear radiant friends, arise! Arise from the dust, from the chains that bind you, from places and things that hinder your progress. Arise and build, being a vessel for God’s purpose. Arise and shine, illuminating the world with the light of Christ. Trust in God’s faithfulness and redemption, for He will visit you with bountiful fruits and provide you with heavenly bread.

Remember, there is light ahead of you. Arise and step into the radiant future God has prepared for you. You are not alone on this journey. We’re in this together, encouraging and challenging each other to arise and embrace the abundant life God has promised.

Now, go forth, my radiant friend, and let your light shine brilliantly for all to see. Arise, there is light ahead of you!

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