They looked unto Him, and were lightened (radiant): and their faces were not ashamed. (Psalm 34:5)

The Servant

I am Chiamaka Oji, a child of the Most High God by His grace. I am simply a God chaser with a desire to please Him here and meet Him soon in heaven.

I love studying the bible, singing, listening to music, reading, cooking, people and health.

I have a passion to see young women/girls embrace and live out Biblical Femininity.

God bless you and make your life shine indeed as you join me in this Radiant Walk with Him.

The Situation

Femininity, the sum of all attributes that defines womanhood, is uniquely designed by God and beautifully revealed to us in His word.

Living out Biblical Femininity should therefore be the pursuit of any girl who desires to radiate illuminating light and exude sweet fragrance.

God deeply desires that His children be beacons of light in our world darkened by falsehood and iniquity. Such light comes from a steadfast “look on Him” through a diligent study and obedience of His word.

Contrarily, the world looks unto and follows any/every other thing aside God and His Word.

Girls are a particular target of this scourge, as we see biblical femininity fought against, purity trampled on, modesty thrown into the trash and the truth of God’s word exchanged for trendy licentious lies.

Yet in the midst of these, God is still interested in shaping the lives of girls who will through a constant walk with Him shine as light in the world, hence making their lives indeed – RADIANT.

The passion to see more of such girls inspired the – Girls Radiant Walk…

The Mission Strategy

To encourage and equip young women embrace God’s truth and live out Biblical Femininity.

The Statement of Faith

I believe that…

  • There is one Supreme God, the creator of the universe, eternally existing in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus is the Saviour who died to save mankind from sin.
  • The Holy Spirit is our faithful Guide and Teacher.
  • The Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God, and the blueprint for life.
  • God created man and woman in His image, in unique ways, for His glory.
  • Heaven is the eternal abode for all born again Christians, and hell the eternal abode for all sinners.
  • Whosoever is in Christ is a new creature; old thing should then be passed away and all things become new.
  • Femininity is God’s design and hence should be fully embraced and happily lived out.
  • We are not our own; therefore we must glorify God in our body and spirit which are God’s.
  • A life that shines brightly (within and without) comes only through a personal relationship and daily walk with God.
  • The Christian race is an individual one, yet we need the encouragement of other believers to pull through.
  • The only thing that will matter when one closes his/her eyes in death is – the life you lived for God.
  • God has a purpose for creating every one of us. Discover that purpose through a relationship with Him and courageously live it out.

The Seed

I had always desired to be this feminine girly girl and that drove my interest to read, watch and listen to materials I came across that had to do with femininity/girlhood/womanhood. As I dug more into my search and study, I observed in most conventional materials a revolutionary trend towards femininity – an antagonistic self-centered approach/movement. No reference to God’s word and even some who did explained it away to suit their fleshly/carnal desires.

This stirred me to look more diligently into the manufacturers’ (God) design for true femininity through a study of His word (the Bible) as well as from the materials and life of other Christian women (and men).

The truth I’ve been gleaning about Biblical Femininity has been enriching and exciting – the beauty that comes from embracing and living out God’s design for femininity.

God is not done with me yet as I am still learning as well as praying and striving to live out all He’s been revealing to me. But then, He’s laid it in my heart to share this truth of Biblical Femininity with other girls so we will all daily walk with Him as He makes our lives Radiant.

The Sisterhood

I somehow know you want live out biblical femininity, if not you may not have bothered coming on this site not to talk of reading all through to this point. So, I’m glad to have you here and want to remind you that Jesus loves you so much, has a wonderful plan for your life and desires so much to have an endless relationship with you.

I also love you and will love to be you sister and friend so we could embark on this Radiant Walk Together…

So please feel free to get in touch with me as I’ll be looking forward to hear from you.

Also if you have not yet “joined the walk”, do so here so you’ll always receive inspiring posts, get a free copy of my ebook (Six Sure Secrets of Radiant Beauty), and be part of this sisterhood.

One more thing, don’t forget to connect with other girls around you (invite them to visit this blog), share God’s truth with them and encourage them to embrace and live out Biblical Femininity.

God bless you.

                                                                Your sister in Christ,