3 Things Every Young Woman Must “Watch!”


She walked out of his room different. Her innocence tampered. Her virginity shredded. Her purity crushed.

It wasn’t planned. She simply went out to visit – to see the daughters of the land, to mingle. And she drew some eyes. Guess who got interested in her?

The prince of the land.

I imagine other girls cheering and eyeing her as the prince walked up to her, in the most charming steps. His stature and cologne enticing, his voice sending shivers down her spine as he asked her to take a walk with him.

Their hearts seemed to click as they talked and giggled from ear to ear. What a guy! Her legs were in the air as they kept walking, up to his doorstep. Oh the royal welcome that greeted her. Her happy heart kept shutting up the still voice that whispered to her…

“Daughter of Israel, you shouldn’t be glued to this stranger.”

But we are just talking… Just friends.

“You’re growing closer and closer… Are you getting into his house too?”

Errrmmmm, He’s a friend. Let me just visit.

“You’re feasting with them too.”

It’s just food. Nothing else.

“He’s asking you to go into his room with him. Get out now!”

He loves me. He won’t harm me.

“What is hand doing on your cheek and body?”

I love him. He promised to marry me…

And that was it. She came out broken. Defiled.

It didn’t end there. That act led to the murder of the prince, and every male in their community.

The young lady’s name was Dinnah. You remember?

Before you quickly term her “silly” and “not thinking smartly”, come take a seat and let’s learn some deep lessons.

If Dinnah knew and applied what I’ll be sharing with you today, she would have escaped that mess. In this period of stay-at-home – and always – every young woman needs to WATCH these three things:

  • Best friends
  • Beauty
  • Boys

1. Best friends:

I’m sure you know the saying, “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” And someone else said, “if you walk with five foolish people, you’ll be the sixth.” And vice versa. Dinnah went out to see the daughters of the land. You know the land they were in? – Schalem.

These people had no fear of God. They lived their lives the way that pleases them and appeals to their flesh. So tell me… what should a daughter of Jacob go to check out these girls for… Unless she wants to preach to them. But you know, the Bible in its truth tells us that “evil communication corrupts good manners.”

Dinnah didn’t escape the corruption. Dear girl, who are your friends? Are they people who, even in this period, encourage and challenge you to make the best use of your time – “draw closer to God, study, develop yourself…” Or they call to find out the latest “catch”?

Look into your friendship. Watch those you spend time with. Cut out the unprofitable ones, and make friends with those who are headed for the top – all-round.

2. Beauty:

Yes, I know you are fearfully and wonderfully made. An artwork formed by the Most High God. But if you allow that beauty get into your head that you start thinking upside down, you’ll fall into a pit. I imagine how Dinnah’s head and heart swelled as the sugar coated words flowed from Shechem’s lips – “your brown eyes, your glittering skin, you blond hair, your smile, your figure…” Then she blushes saying, “thank you.”

But Radiant girl, understand that your beauty is for God’s glory. And yes, for that special man God has been preparing for you. Don’t allow those “sweet talk” from some guy get into your heart and head. Adorn yourself in modesty. Your body is the temple of the Lord. Keep that feminine mystery.

3. Boys:

Oh yes! I know how much those emotions cry out. You want to feel loved and cherished by a man. Those desires are not strange. God placed them there. Someday, He’ll hand that sweet heart of yours into the hands of His son who will cherish you. But during this “singlehood” season, He wants you to pour your love on Him. Make Jesus your true love. Don’t be caught in the web of those boys who offer heaven and earth just to steal your heart and trample it. You see what happened to Dinnah. Hook up and break up. And she was left alone and more lonely.

Radiant Purity Cover

I discussed how to walk in purity in this Book I wrote for you. And you can get it – Radiant Purity – free. (Click the image and grab a copy.) Study it. Make the decision to walk in purity. Even if you’ve erred in time past, God is ever ready to forgive and forget. He’ll make you whole.

So dear girl, I say unto you WATCH! You life is so precious to God and your generation. 

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