Are you interested in living a really RADIANT life and/or encouraging other young women to do so?​

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You Were Made For A Purpose

Do you wonder if there’s a purpose, made for your life? Do the circumstances surrounding you make you feel your life is lost in the wind? You’re not alone, sister.…

Look Up: It Is Time To Wail

Urine trickled down my pants, and down to my legs, unconsciously.What! Am I dreaming? I stood in my parlour, but my mind travelled thousands of kilometres away… The words from…

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Hi, welcome! 

I am Chiamaka Oji, a child of the Most High God by His grace. I am simply a God chaser with a desire to please Him here and meet Him soon in heaven.

I have a passion to see young women/girls embrace and live out Biblical Femininity.

God bless you and make your life shine indeed as you join me in this Radiant Walk with Him.

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