Are you interested in living a really RADIANT life and/or encouraging other young women to do so?​

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The Remarkable Radiance In A “Wait”

Recently, I had an experience that made me review how we, as Christians, wait on God. Waking up early one morning, what hit my thoughts almost immediately was ‘that need’.…

When You Surrender

Elizabeth Eliot, a woman who lived a surrendered life, always talks about one woman who influenced her life. Her name is Betty Scot Stam. Betty wrote a powerful prayer when…

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Hi, welcome! 

I am Chiamaka Oji, a child of the Most High God by His grace. I am simply a God chaser with a desire to please Him here and meet Him soon in heaven.

I have a passion to see young women/girls embrace and live out Biblical Femininity.

God bless you and make your life shine indeed as you join me in this Radiant Walk with Him.

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